Alisa West

Alisa joined the firm in January of 1995 and specializes in estate and tax planning.  Alisa enjoys tackling the complexities of estate planning.  Alisa married her high school sweetheart Chris, and they have two beautiful and vivacious young daughters.  In the few moments when Alisa isn’t shuttling kids to and fro, she enjoys a variety of activities including landscape photography, backpacking, mountaineering, trekking, rafting, cooking and physical fitness.

Alisa and Chris are avid mountain climbers and have summitted peaks in the United States and internationally.  In addition to climbing mountains such as Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and El Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl in Mexico, Alisa and Chris have climbed all 14ers in Colorado.  Alisa has a deep appreciation for foreign cultures and she felt a profound connection to the people of Africa during her time there.  Alisa has a thirst for adventure and she enjoys taking on new challenges.  As their children grow, Alisa and Chris hope to do more globe-trotting as a family.