Senior Living Directory

By "clicking" on the city and towns below you will be redirected to a listing of the facilities in the named location.  For each facility you may "click" on the facilities name for our report of relevant information about the facility.


Our directory will provide information usually not provided by the webpage of the facility and which should be useful to you.  For instance, we provide information based on feedback from the facility on the following:


          The current rates being charged by the facility.

          The date our information was updated by the facility allowing you to judge the need to call the facility for updates.

          Number of beds eligible for Medicaid residents. 



Also, within each of our listings, where possible, we have provided a link to the particular facility's webpage or a link to another page with more information about the facility.


If you find updated information about a facility you believe we should know and publish then please conact us and, if appropriate, we will supplement our facility report.