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Special Report

Checklist for Moving to Assisted or Skilled Care

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    If you are planning to move to an assisted or skilled living facility, be prepared for a challenging task that requires extensive forethought.  We know, because our law firm helps clients with their transition.  Based on our experiences, we’ve developed a checklist of questions you need to make sure you have addressed before moving day.  If you answer any question “No” then you have some work to do before making your move. Seek professional advice if you need help with any of these items.


      Are my advance directives up-to-date?  Make sure you have the correct person(s) named to assist you in your medical        and financial powers of attorney.

      Does my will name the person I want to administer my estate after I die?  If not, then you will need to make a                  change to your will.

      Have I determined how I will pay for this move? The average cost of skilled care for 2022 in Colorado is $8,609 per          month.

      Is my will and/or trust up-to-date?  Make sure the heirs set out in your will are the ones you want to inherit your                estate.

      Have I carefully read through the admissions contract to make sure I understand it? The admissions contract is              binding, so make sure you understand the terms.

      If I have a revocable trust estate plan, are all of my assets titled in the name of my trust?  You must coordinate the          titles and beneficiary designations of retirement accounts and insurance policies with your trust.


      If I have a will estate plan, are my assets titled properly?  If you are titling assets in joint tenancy – even if it is just          to provide assistance in bill paying – you may defeat the terms of your will. Be careful!

      Have I consolidated my investment accounts, making it is easier for my agent to manage them?


      Is my “stuff” in order?  Use a personal property memorandum to identify the heir to receive specific items of personal        property.  Consider making lifetime gifts, so long as no-one is unduly influencing you.

      Do I have a plan in place for getting my bills paid?

      Have I reviewed my plans with my attorney, accountant and investment advisors to make sure everything is                coordinated and my wishes are reflected?


    If you are able to answer the above questions with “Yes,” then you may have covered most, if not all, of the legal questions to ask yourself to ensure your move is as worry-free as possible.  Every situation is different, so when in doubt, seek professional advice.

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