You will be directed to complete a questionnaire prior to your first office visit.  It is important to complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible to allow the lawyer you are meeting with to properly advise you.  It is important to use time at the first meeting giving you advice rather than working with you to complete the questionnaire.


All information you provide is confidential.  Afterall, we have an attorney client relationship built upon trust and confidentiality.


The more accurate the information you provide on your initial questionnaire the more accurate the advice you will receive. Having pointed out the obvious about accuracy, it needs to be balanced with the fact some information is not available.  Do the best you can and we can help fill in the balance with you if need be.


If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire, please the call the office and we can assist you. 

We have prepared many "Special Reports" we hope you will find of interest on a variety of topics.  We recommend you peruse the varioius titles and read what you feel is of interest to you.  Reading a Special Report is not a substitute for meeting with a lawyer to discuss your specific issue.  It will, however, help you gain an understanding of the issues which concern you and reviewing them will help make the meeting with the lawyer more productive.