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Please print and fill out our initial consultation questionnaire prior to your first meeting with us.  The attorney you are meeting with will be able to provide you the best advice if he or she has the information on the questionnaire at your initial consultation, along with any other information you are able to provide regarding your situation.  If you cannot open and print the questionnaire, please contact our office and we will send you a copy to fill out. 


Probate Estate Worksheet

If you are contacting us regarding a probate/estate administration, please fill out the probate worksheet with the information regarding the decedent's estate. We ask you to also fill out the general questionnaire above with your own information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the form(s).

Conflict Check

When you set an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys, as a standard office procedure, we use the information provided on this sheet to check our system to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in representing you. We ask that you please fill in every party you believe that will be involved in your matter.

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