Elder Law


As we age, we can become less independent and often need the assistance of care providers to allow us to stay in our own home or even move to an assisted or skilled facility.  We can help you plan for this challenging time of your life.  We can assist you in planning for long-term care, in ensuring your rights are not being infringed upon by relatives or a care facility, as well as getting your estate plan in order by creating necessary documents, such as a will or a trust and your advance directives.

An estate plan includes advance directives in which you state medical and financial actions you wish to have taken on your behalf at a point in the future when you cannot make them yourself.  Common forms of advance directives include a Medical Power of Attorney, a Living Will, and a Financial Power of Attorney. If you don’t have these documents in place, your family or friends may have to involve the court to authorize them to make these decisions for you.  Court proceedings are more expensive and may be necessary if you have not properly planned through the use of advance directives. 
To read more about Advance Directives, such as the Medical and Financial Power of Attorney, as well as the Living Will go here to our Special Reports and scroll down to Advance Directives. You can also find our Senior Living Directory on this website (just click on the Senior Living Directory tab above and start searching for the facility which matches your needs.