Trust, Estate and Tax Planning

We know estate and tax planning has its obstacles. Who wants to think about their own mortality?  Who wants to spend time and money getting their estate planning affairs in order? Wouldn't you rather be taking a hike or walk in the great outdoors, playing with your grandchildren or reading a book?


Planning involves addressing the interactive issues within your family and ensuring your legacy is protected for your heirs. It does require summarizing your financial situation and organizing your affairs for your end of life. Estate planning is an opportunity to take control, as well as nominate people you trust to care for and protect your children and family, your assets, and your dignity. 


Sometimes a trust can best carry out your intentions.  At other times we use a simple will or payable on death or beneficiary designations to meet a client's wishes. No two clients are the same and every family has their own unique issues. All our work for a client is tailored to their unique situation. 


This process is emotional. We get it. It is our promise to you to be good listeners.  With our input and guidance we will help direct you to get the result you hope to achieve.


Let us help you sort this out. Efficient and cost effective planning now and in the future (upon your disability or death) is a priority to you and for us.  We have helped thousands of clients over the many collective years of all of us in this firm.  Combined, we have approximately 60 years of helping clients, just like you, organize their life to insure their wishes are fulfilled when they die. Let us be the firm you choose to help you as well.