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December Virtual Presentation
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New to Colorado?
You might need a new or updated estate plan!


Workshop Description:

You might be new to Colorado, have an estate plan from another state, or don't have one at all. Whatever the case, you may need a new or updated estate plan! During this virtual presentation, we'll discuss why it's important to have an estate plan, and discuss why it's always a good idea to have out of state documents reviewed and possibly updated to align with the law of the state where you live. Learn about probate and non-probate assets, how Colorado law handles those if you have no estate plan, what complications could arise at your death from having documents from out of state, and much more! Everyone will also receive a copy of our 2021 book, "Estate Planning: The Basics & Beyond Why There Is No Such Thing as a Simple Will".


Thank you for your interest in our virtual workshop! The workshop is being presented by attorney Daniel Fitzgerald at Brown & Brown, P.C. Once you have filled out and submitted the registration form, you will be redirected to our webpage where the video and digital materials will be available starting December 17th. If materials are posted earlier, we will send out an email to everyone registered. The presentation and materials will remain accessible for the remainder of the month for those who register, and you'll be able to tune and can revisit or re-watch it at any point through the end of December. We hope you enjoy our virtual workshop!

*Please Note: If you do not provide a mailing address, you will not receive a hard copy of the 2021 Estate Planning book in the mail. You can read, download and/or print it from our website, and you can always contact our office by calling

(970) 243-8250 or by emailing to request a copy.

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