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December 2021 Virtual Presentation

Thank you for signing up for our virtual December presentation! We are so happy you are here and greatly appreciate your patience and continued support as we try to keep our clients, staff, and community safe, happy, and healthy. If you have experienced any trouble downloading or printing the materials and did not already sign up to receive a hard copy in the mail, please call the office at

(970) 243-8250, or email If you did not provide the information on the sign-up form please provide your mailing address to us by phone or by e-mail to receive a copy of our 2021 Estate Planning book!

This page is not accessible through the menu on our home page, please bookmark or save the page link to return to this page at a later time. You can always call or email us to have the link re-sent if you need it after signing up. Thank you for joining us!

*Please note: All mailed physical copies of materials requested will be mailed starting the 17th and then as they are received after. Thank you.

Thank you for joining us! Thank you for your patience while we continue to explore this new platform, and we hope you enjoy the workshop and find the information helpful!

To learn more about long-term care, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and probate, visit our Special Reports page or sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest news and info on presentations and more!

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